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Shocks, struts & suspension

Shocks and struts play a critical part in keeping your tires on the ground while also providing a more comfortable ride.

In an emergency, shocks and struts become critical. Your shocks and struts are also crucial for steering and braking.   During an unexpected maneuver, a worn shock might also impair your ability to escape harm’s way.

Uneven tire wear, excessive bounce on rough terrain, oil leaks from the shocks or struts, nose-diving while approaching a red light or stop sign, steering wheel vibration, or noticing your vehicle swerving in side winds are all warning indications of worn-down shocks and struts.

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Check out some of our repairs below!

Toyota Camry

Thanks for trusting us with replacing the engine in your Camry. Runs like a champ now! 

1971 Chevy Corvette

We had the pleasure of working on this Beautiful Corvette. Thanks for choosing Nolens Garage!

Dodge Hemi 5.7L

Another sucessful engine overhaul. Thanks for choosing Nolens Garage!

Dodge Dart

Even newer cars might need an engine replacement. Thanks for choosing Nolens Garage for your Dart’s engine replacement! 

1951 Sedan Delivery

Another awesome classic came in for repair. Thanks for choosing Nolens Garage!

1967 Plymouth VIP 383

They don’t build them like this anymore; built like a tank. Thanks for choosing Nolens Garage for your classic car repairs.